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What Drill Do I Need?

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The main types of drills are hammer drills, impact drivers, and combi drills. What drill you need depends on the kind of things that you’ll be using it for. Here’s what each drill is good for:

Hammer drills are specially designed for heavy-duty drilling work such as drilling into concrete. For example, if you want to drill a large circular hole to install an extractor fan in your bathroom, this type of drill would be sufficiently powerful for this job.

Combi drills are used for all basic drilling needs, drilling holes in a variety of materials, concrete, stone, plastic, wood, and metal. Combi drills also often have a hammer function for light-medium hammer work, such as installing mounts for shelves. It also triples up as a screwdriver, which makes this is a great all-rounder for both people beginning in DIY and more experienced individuals.

Impact drills have a mechanism that impacts the screw every time it rotates which means that it is easier for the user to drill screws into wood and other surfaces, more so than a combi drill. It makes drilling screws easier, less work, and gives you greater control and precision.

Product Recommendations

As Combi drills are the best all-rounder they are a great place to start, these are two options for combi drills. The Ryobi is slightly cheaper and comes highly rated both through word of mouth and on Amazon reviews. The DeWalt is slightly more expensive, it’s the one I use, and is my preference. As it not only works really well but I also have an entire suite of DeWalt tools which means I can switch the batteries around through all my tools and only need one type of charging port. Both options come with a battery and charging port.

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