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Did you know DIY can change your life?

For most of us home DIY means finally getting around to restoring that curtain rail that’s been hanging off the wall for months and only because it came crashing down onto the dresser with that last hard pull.

But in reality, learning how to DIY is more than about restoring your privacy. Having control over your life, a sense of volition, is a basic human need. If we don’t have control over what happens in our life, we can feel helpless. During a time where so much in the world feels outside of our control, we can focus on our immediate environment. The buzz of fixing something you didn’t feel you could can become a little addictive. This compounds over time as we build courage, until you find yourself prodding and squeezing the objects in your home in the hope that something might be on its way out and you can come to the rescue with your new found skill set.

The confidence to try new things comes not from proving to others what we can do but by proving it to ourselves and this principle can be applied to any part of our lives.

And that’s how DIY can change your life.