The DIY With Emma Story

In March 2020 the UK went into its first lockdown and online searches related to ‘’DIY’’ skyrocketed. People no longer had access to the tradespeople they needed and were stuck at home with all sorts of DIY problems.

DIY and home maintenance skills are not a standardised part of the UK school curriculum and only some people are fortunate enough to be educated by family on how to maintain the place they live. The first time a person moves into a place of their own is often when they discover they have a huge skills gap.

To help solve that knowledge gap DIY With Emma was born. A digital media brand focused on DIY education whose mission it is to ”make DIY accessible for everyone”. A brand that believes that everyone deserves access to the education needed to be able to maintain a safe and comfortable place to live and where you grow up and who you are should not be a barrier to opportunity.

Meet Emma

I’m Emma and I am the founder of DIY With Emma. I live in Bristol in the UK and love helping people to maintain the place they live.

I’m currently renovating my two bed three story cottage and have 23 goldfish with very strange personalities.